Discover you entrepreneurial profile

On the next page you will start a simple test to discover your entrepreneurial orientation,  your thinking style, and then you will know what your strengths and weaknesses are in your way of facing your work in the Startup. This point is key when it comes to knowing which travel companions you have to look for, or to validate the team you already have.


You can do the analysis individually. Moreover, If you already have a team, choose a code for it, and so we can inform you about your cohesion, complementarity and balance.

Role and Sector:

Indicate your industry and your defined role, if you have them in your Startup. Otherwise, indicate those ones you are most identified with. 

The test:

Below you will find two questions and a series of answers. Each question will be asked 8 times and you will find different options to answer them. In the first question you have to indicate the actions and situations with which you feel most comfortable. In the second question, what actions or situations are more annoying for you. You can only choose one of the answers each time.