Invest in great teams

In recent years the entrepreneurial ecosystem is growing rapidly in Europe. What are we looking for when we make the decision to invest?

We usually conduct a deep scouting to know if the developed technology opens up important opportunities, we perform long mathematical evaluations to see the financial generation capacity of Startup, and we use good consultants to define a good business model. And what do we usually do about the team? In the best scenario, we evaluate it using intuition, or  we analyze the academic competences and the experience of each of its members. Or as the Accelerators that we have analyzed say: “after six months we already know which teams will continue working and which will not”.

What if instead of using 3 or 6 months, we could discover in 30 minutes what team is 100% going to fail and which ones can still have potential if we improve their profiles? At least, we make a big reduction of risk in our investment portfolio, while we maintain our expected return.

What are we offering you?

In Arakua, based on our training in talent management and leadership, and in our work in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe and Latin America, we have developed a methodology that quickly discards those teams that are not functional, compensated and cohesive, and it facilitates to discover soon what are the weak points that the team has to complement. As we know,  “the culture of a team eats the best strategy”. We reduce the risk of your investment, the working time with non-functional teams, and we avoid entrepreneurs going through years of hard work in teams that are not going anywhere. 


We have created a platform to let use our tools by ACELERATORS, VENTURE CAPITAL, and other organizations and investors. Initially you have to register as an Organization, and from there we will provide you with the necessary steps. From that moment, you would be able to evaluate the entrepreneurs with whom you want to work. At an individual level, we will provide you with a report on each of them. At the team level, we will indicate if the teams in which you want to invest your time and / or money, are compensated, are potentially efficient, and if they tend towards cohesion.