What is the potential of your team?

At this very moment there are more teams in the world trying to develop an idea similar to yours. The most important thing is who will do it better and faster.

No matter how good your product is, or how great your business model is, what it is essential is to build an innovative and efficient entrepreneurial team. Is this your case? Do you have the necessary profiles among the founding members? 

What do we offer you?
We help you discover how efficient is your team and to improve it. In a simple and fast way we transfer the following information:

  • If your team includes the basic thinking profiles to be a functional innovative team. Otherwise, what are the main shortcomings.
  • If your group gathers the basic cohesion component to face the challenges that you are going to face.
  • If your team is balanced, or if it requires strengthening some fundamental area.


First, each of the team members have to perform the individual test. At the time of doing it you will be asked for a code that will identify your team. You all have to put the same one. With this password, you can later discover your team report.